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2024 Honda XR650L: A Timeless Dual-Sport Motorcycle with Uncompromising Dependability

2024 Honda XR650L: A Timeless Dual-Sport Motorcycle with Uncompromising Dependability


American Honda has announced that the popular XR650L dual-sport motorcycle will continue into 2024 without any significant changes. The bike, known for its simplicity and unwavering reliability, will retain its price tag of $6,999 and will only be available in a white color scheme.

With a rich history and a strong following among enthusiasts worldwide since its introduction in 1993, the XR650L has earned its legendary status. It has proven its capabilities in challenging environments like the Baja desert race.

The XR650L stands out among other big single-cylinder dual-sport motorcycles for its straightforward mechanical design. While other models have embraced fuel injection, the XR650L remains true to its roots with its air-cooled 644cc engine, 42.5mm diaphragm-type CV carburetor, and five-speed transmission. Designed for off-road adventures, it features a sealed battery, dry-sump design, black spoked rims, and a long-travel suspension.

The suspension is a highlight of the XR650L, surpassing its closest competitors. It boasts Showa components, including a 43mm air-adjustable axle cartridge fork with 16-position compression damping, providing up to 11.6 inches of travel. The Showa shock offers spring preload, 20-position compression damping, and 20-position rebound damping adjustability, with 11 inches of travel.

Furthermore, the XR650L offers excellent value for money compared to other untouched retro-cool dual-sport motorcycles in its class. It is priced competitively, coming in below the Suzuki and only $100 above the standard and S-level versions of the Kawasaki KLR650.

The 2024 Honda XR650L retains its reliable and proven specifications, delivering a powerful and capable off-road experience. With its loyal fanbase and unmatched dependability, it continues to be a top choice for dual-sport enthusiasts. The bike is set to be available in March 2024.


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