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Beeline Moto II: The Enhanced Motorcycling Navigation Device You've Been Waiting For

Beeline Moto II: The Enhanced Motorcycling Navigation Device You've Been Waiting For

When Beeline introduced its first motorcycling navigation device, the Beeline Moto, it revolutionized motorcycle navigation with its unobtrusive design and minimalist approach. Over 100,000 motorcyclists worldwide have since enjoyed using the original Beeline Moto, navigating nearly 87,000,000 miles with the accompanying smartphone app. However, Beeline recognized the limitations of their initial device and decided to take their users' feedback into account, leading to the release of the Beeline Moto II.

At first glance, the Beeline Moto II appears only slightly larger than its predecessor, with a mere 3 mm increase in size. However, the removal of the large black bezel from the original model has significantly increased the usable screen area, effectively doubling the resolution and upgrading the display to an IPS TFT.

One of the notable improvements in the Moto II is the inclusion of a larger 600mAh battery and the addition of a USB-C charge connection, addressing the need for faster and more versatile charging. The device still retains its proprietary pogo pin ride charging system, providing users with multiple charging options.

The most exciting update to the Beeline Moto II is the completely revamped navigation user interface. Riders can now enjoy a familiar map layout with advanced turn-by-turn and compass navigation modes, making it easier to navigate complex inner-city streets. To enhance visibility and attract attention, the Moto II is equipped with two flashing LED lights and sound alerts. Additionally, the round buttons on the original model have been replaced with glove-friendly, rocker-type switches.

While riders still need to connect their phones to the Beeline Moto II and continue using the Beeline Moto app, this device offers a distraction-free solution to navigation—a purpose thatthe Beeline Moto II serves well. Mounting phones on handlebars may seem easier, but the Beeline Moto II eliminates the fragility and susceptibility to motorcycle vibrations that come with using phone cameras for navigation.

The Beeline Moto II has already exceeded its crowdfunding target on Kickstarter, demonstrating the anticipation and excitement surrounding this enhanced navigation device. As early adopters, we are eagerly looking forward to trying out the Beeline Moto II and experiencing its improved features firsthand.



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