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Cardo Systems Enhances Cross-Brand Connectivity with Live Connection Update for Sena Headsets

Cardo Systems Enhances Cross-Brand Connectivity with Live Connection Update for Sena Headsets

Cardo Systems has released a new firmware update that enhances the connectivity between Cardo and Sena intercom headsets, allowing riders using different brands to communicate seamlessly. Traditionally, cross-brand communication has been challenging and limited, but Cardo's latest update aims to bridge the gap. The update integrates Cardo DMC and Sena Mesh, the top two mesh network intercom technologies, into a unified group, enabling riders to communicate with one another effortlessly. The Bluetooth bridge connection between the systems has been transformed into a "Live Connection" that automatically and seamlessly reconnects if the connection drops.

To establish the connection, two designated headsets, one from Cardo and one from Sena, form a Bluetooth bridge between groups of riders on different mesh networks. Only these bridged units can search for each other and auto-reconnect. They need to remain in close proximity (90 meters or 100 yards) to maintain the connection. As long as the bridged riders stay connected, all other riders within their respective groups can enjoy full connectivity.

Cardo's Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Emodi, states that the update ensures a robust and reliable connection between Cardo Systems and non-Cardo devices. The Live Bluetooth Bridge feature simplifies connectivity and demonstrates Cardo's dedication to setting communication technology standards in the powersports community.

Current Cardo users can download the latest software version from the Cardo Connect app to activate the functionality. The process involves setting up Cardo DMC and Sena Mesh separately, initiating Bluetooth intercom pairing, and designating bridging units from both sides. The Cardo bridge unit actively seeks to reconnect to the Sena bridge unit for five minutes if the connection drops during the ride.

While the update doesn't achieve 100% seamless connectivity between the two brands, it represents a significant step forward. It allows riders to stick with their preferred brand while still having the ability to communicate with friends using different headsets. This integration also provides flexibility for riders considering a switch to another brand.

For further information on Cardo's range of headset intercom systems, visit their website.

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