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Monkey-Davidson Auction Results: Rare Miniature Bagger Honda Monkey Bike Sold for $3,650

Monkey-Davidson Auction Results: Rare Miniature Bagger Honda Monkey Bike Sold for $3,650

The highly anticipated auction for the unique Monkey-Davidson, a rare miniature bagger Honda Monkey bike, has come to a close. The winning bidder secured the coveted bike with a winning bid of $3,400. In addition to the bid amount, a buyer fee of $250 was added, bringing the total transaction to $3,650.

This particular Monkey-Davidson captured the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts due to its distinctive Kijima MonDavi modification, which transformed the Honda Z50J Monkey into a stylish bagger reminiscent of larger Harley-Davidson models. The bike, imported from Japan, featured a full Kijima MonDavi kit, including chrome fishtail pipes and a chrome kickstarter, perfectly capturing the mini bagger aesthetic.

The auction listing provided detailed information about the bike's condition, including an odometer reading of 729 kilometers (approximately 453 miles), with the actual total mileage unknown. Potential buyers were advised that the fuel tank was in decent condition and that all lights and signals were functional. A startup video was also made available, allowing bidders to see and hear the bike in action.

With the conclusion of the auction, the Monkey-Davidson has found a new owner who will undoubtedly add this unique and eye-catching custom bike to their prized collection. Its rarity and distinctive design ensure that it will be a standout at any bike meet or gathering.

For those who missed out on this opportunity, the Monkey-Davidson serves as a reminder of the creativity and passion within the custom motorcycle community. It showcases how enthusiasts can transform even the smallest bikes into stunning works of art, marrying style and performance in a truly unique way.

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