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The Honda XR650L: A Timeless Dual Sport Motorcycle with Versatility and Affordability

The Honda XR650L: A Timeless Dual Sport Motorcycle with Versatility and Affordability

The Honda XR650L has gained a loyal following over its 30-plus years of existence. This dual sport motorcycle boasts a history of Baja racing success and offers simplicity in a world of electronically fuel-injected engines and digital technology. With its versatility, the XR650L is designed to handle various terrains, including single-track trails, dirt paths, fire roads, and even paved surfaces.

One of the notable features of the XR650L is its affordability. With a price tag of $6,999, it is one of the least expensive big-bore single-cylinder dual sport motorcycles on the market. Despite its affordability, the XR650L offers impressive performance. It is powered by a carbureted air-cooled SOHC four-stroke 644cc single-cylinder engine that provides ample power for long rides.

On Dirt Rider's in-house dyno, the XR650L delivered 34.1 horsepower and 31.4 lb.-ft. of torque to its rear wheel. Fuel and air are supplied to the engine through a Keihin 42.5mm diaphragm-type carburetor. The motorcycle also features an air injection control valve (AICV) as part of its exhaust emission control system, which helps promote the burning of unburned exhaust gases for a cleaner output.

The XR650L comes equipped with a range of practical features. It has a 2.8-gallon fuel tank, a spark arrestor-equipped muffler, and a gearing ratio of 15/45. Slowing and stopping power are provided by a Nissin dual-piston front brake caliper paired with a 256mm disc, and a Nissin single-piston rear caliper with a 220mm disc.

Other notable features include a headlight and taillight, hand guards for added protection, an electric start button, and a mechanical speedometer and odometer. The XR650L weighs 355 pounds wet and has a seat height of 38.2 inches.

In conclusion, the Honda XR650L offers an affordable and versatile option for riders in the dual sport motorcycle segment. With its history of success in Baja racing, simplicity, and impressive performance, it continues to attract a large and loyal following.



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