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Tom Cruise's Thrilling Motorcycle Chase on the BMW S1000RR in Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation (2015)

Tom Cruise's Thrilling Motorcycle Chase on the BMW S1000RR in Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation (2015)

Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation (2015)

In the world of action-packed movies, few actors embrace adrenaline-fueled stunts like Tom Cruise. Known for his dedication to performing his own daring feats, Cruise took his daredevilry to new heights in the fifth installment of the Mission: Impossible series, "Rogue Nation" (2015). Among the exhilarating sequences in the film, one that stands out is the thrilling motorcycle chase through the streets of Morocco. Mounted on the powerful BMW S1000RR, Cruise's character, Ethan Hunt, engages in a high-speed pursuit of a mysterious British agent, portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson. Let's dive into the details of this electrifying scene and explore some fascinating facts behind its creation.

The BMW S1000RR: A Superbike for High-Speed Pursuits:

To bring the motorcycle chase to life, the filmmakers turned to the BMW S1000RR, a formidable sportbike renowned for its exceptional performance and cutting-edge technology. The S1000RR, introduced by BMW Motorrad in 2009, quickly gained a reputation as one of the most powerful and capable superbikes on the market. With a four-cylinder engine producing over 190 horsepower, advanced electronics, and aerodynamic design, the S1000RR proved to be the perfect choice for the intense action sequences in "Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation."

Behind the Scenes: Stunt Riders, Custom Leathers, and Realistic Action:

While Tom Cruise is known for performing many of his own stunts, the high-speed motorcycle chase in "Rogue Nation" required the expertise of professional stunt riders. In this case, British Superbike (BSB) racer Jenny Tinmouth stepped in to handle the thrilling riding scenes on behalf of Rebecca Ferguson's character. Tinmouth's skill and experience ensured that the chase sequences were executed with precision and authenticity.

To ensure the safety of the actors and stunt riders, specialized riding suits were crafted by Essex-based leathers specialists, Hideout. Two suits were created for each character—one for standing scenes and another specifically designed for riding. These custom-made suits provided the necessary protection while allowing the actors to maintain their flexibility and comfort during the demanding motorcycle sequences.

Unforgettable Opening Scene: Hanging onto a Plane at RAF Wittering:

In addition to the breathtaking motorcycle chase in Morocco, "Rogue Nation" opens with a jaw-dropping scene featuring Tom Cruise clinging to the side of a transport plane. Shot at RAF Wittering, near Peterborough, this gravity-defying scene set the tone for the non-stop action that would follow throughout the film. Demonstrating Cruise's unwavering commitment to delivering thrilling and authentic experiences to the audience, this opening sequence became an iconic moment in the "Mission: Impossible" series.


"Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation" delivered an adrenaline-pumping experience for viewers, thanks in part to the gripping motorcycle chase featuring Tom Cruise on the BMW S1000RR. With its powerful performance, advanced technology, and sleek design, the S1000RR proved to be the perfect choice for showcasing the high-speed pursuits that define the Mission: Impossible franchise. Combined with the efforts of skilled stunt riders and the craftsmanship of custom leathers, this action-packed scene left an indelible mark on the minds of audiences worldwide. As fans eagerly anticipate future installments of the series, they can reflect on the thrilling moments that Tom Cruise and the BMW S1000RR brought to life in "Rogue Nation."



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