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Upgraded Harley-Davidson 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide Models

Upgraded Harley-Davidson 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide Models

Harley-Davidson has unveiled the 2024 versions of its Road Glide and Street Glide models, bringing updates and improvements to its popular touring motorcycles. The new models inherit many of the features introduced in last year's Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) versions, including refreshed styling, upgraded suspension, advanced rider aids, and an enhanced infotainment system. These updates mark a significant redesign for two of Harley's most iconic heavy touring motorcycles, signaling what the company calls "a new era of motorcycle touring."

Under the hood, the 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide models are equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, replacing the previous Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. Derived from the Milwaukee-Eight 121, the new engine features reshaped combustion chambers, oval intake ports for better performance and fuel economy, and improved thermal comfort with new coolant channels. It also boasts a larger intake tract and throttle body, resulting in increased power and reduced exhaust emissions. The engine delivers a claimed 105 horsepower at 4,600 rpm and 130 lb-ft of torque at 3,250 rpm.

The chassis of the 2024 models remains largely unchanged from the previous iteration, but the suspension has been upgraded for improved handling. Both the Road Glide and Street Glide now feature an inverted 47mm Showa fork with 4.6 inches of travel and a Showa shock with adjustable preload and rebound, providing a 50 percent increase in rear wheel travel.

In terms of rider aids, the new Glides offer a comprehensive suite of electronic features. They come with four preset ride modes (Rain, Road, Sport, and Custom), cornering-sensitive traction control and ABS, vehicle hold control, and adjustable throttle maps. All these settings can be easily accessed and customized through a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The system, powered by the new Skyline OS, also controls the motorcycle's audio system, which is equipped with two fairing-mounted speakers powered by a 200-watt amplifier.

Visually, the Road Glide and Street Glide models have received a refreshed design while retaining the iconic features that have made them recognizable over the years. The updated styling not only gives the motorcycles a bold new look but also improves aerodynamic efficiency, enhancing their performance on the road.

While the 2024 models bring significant updates and improvements to the touring lineup, some advanced features, such as electronic suspension adjustment and adaptive cruise control, are still exclusive to the higher-end CVO models. Nonetheless, the new Glides offer a compelling package for riders looking for a comfortable and technologically advanced touring motorcycle.

The 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide models are now available at Harley-Davidson dealerships. With their enhanced performance, updated styling, and advanced features, these motorcycles represent a new chapter in Harley's touring legacy, catering to riders who seek both comfort and excitement on their journeys.

Source: Harley-Davidson

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