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Sherco Unveils New 2024 125 TY Long Ride and Limited Edition Models for Adventure Seekers

Sherco Unveils New 2024 125 TY Long Ride and Limited Edition Models for Adventure Seekers

Sherco, the French manufacturer, has recently revealed its latest offerings in the form of two new models: the 125 TY Long Ride and Limited Edition. These bikes aim to capture the essence of trail riding and trials biking, combining the freedom of off-road exploration with the simplicity of pure enjoyment.

The 125 TY Long Ride is designed to cater to a wide range of riders, from beginners looking to venture into nature to experienced riders embarking on longer journeys. It can even serve as a reliable mode of transportation for daily commutes. The bike offers both electric and kick start options, a semi-hydraulic clutch for precision, and a sturdy frame for durability. The four-stroke engine is protected by an aluminum skid plate and requires minimal maintenance. With a fuel tank providing a range of 56 miles, the 125 TY Long Ride ensures riders can go the distance.

Sherco's goal with the 125 TY range is to simplify usage and maximize enjoyment for riders of all skill levels. The bike is priced at an affordable MSRP of $5699, making it accessible to a wide audience. Its specifications include a 123cc engine, air cooling, a 5-speed gearbox, and a chrome-moly chassis. The bike features hydraulic brakes, front and rear suspension, and a lightweight design with a weight of 187.4 lb.

For those seeking something extra special, Sherco offers the Limited Edition version of the 125 TY. This model comes with several upgrades, including a Grey Tech fork, a Reiger shock absorber, specific graphics, Galfer wave brake discs, white-hubbed wheels, a tubeless rear rim, and Michelin tires.

Overall, the new Sherco 125 TY Long Ride and Limited Edition models provide riders with versatile and enjoyable options for both off-road adventures and everyday use. With their affordable pricing and impressive specifications, these bikes are sure to attract a wide range of enthusiasts.



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