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2024 CFMOTO 800NK: A Smooth and Capable Bike at an Affordable Price

2024 CFMOTO 800NK: A Smooth and Capable Bike at an Affordable Price

The 800NK is CFMOTO's latest offering, priced at $8,499. Available in white or black, it boasts a sleek and modern design that catches the eye.

Under the hood, the 800NK is equipped with a powerful 799cc parallel-twin engine, delivering 100 hp at the crankshaft and 59 lb-ft of torque. It offers three ride modes - Sport, Street, and Rain - allowing riders to customize their experience. While lacking a quickshifter and traction control, the 800NK compensates with the inclusion of cruise control.

The bike features a sturdy frame, KYB suspension, and J.Juan brakes. Its comfortable and enjoyable riding experience is enhanced by smooth fueling and a well-designed torque curve. The fit and finish of the 800NK are impressive, comparable to Japanese motorcycles.

One notable aspect is the bike's responsiveness in Sport mode, where the engine's full potential is unleashed. The instant torque off the bottom is enjoyable for everyday riding, while the power remains available for more spirited moments. Shifting gears is a seamless experience with the light clutch pull and well-designed gearbox.

However, the sensitivity of the throttle in Sport mode can be a drawback when riding on bumpy or rough roads. It becomes challenging to modulate the throttle, leading to a jerky ride. A setting in between Sport and Street mode would be ideal for everyday use, offering a more responsive throttle without being overly twitchy.

Freeway riding in Sport mode is recommended, as it allows riders to take advantage of the bike's instant throttle reaction while utilizing the convenient cruise control. However, it's worth noting that the cruise control feature has a speed limit of 80 mph, which may be a drawback for riders who frequently travel at higher speeds.

The 800NK provides a comfortable and upright seating position, making it suitable for everyday riding. However, wind resistance at higher speeds may be a concern for some riders, depending on their body type.

Overall, the 800NK is a smooth and capable bike that offers an affordable option without compromising on performance or quality. CFMOTO has delivered a compelling package that is sure to attract riders looking for a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.


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