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2024 Honda Shadow Phantom Review: Affordable and Stylish Cruiser with Great Value

2024 Honda Shadow Phantom Review: Affordable and Stylish Cruiser with Great Value

The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom is a budget-friendly cruiser that offers great value for its price. Starting at $8399 ($8699 with ABS), it is an affordable option for riders looking for a stylish and well-built motorcycle.

The Phantom is powered by a 745cc V-twin engine with liquid cooling and a five-speed transmission. It delivers around 40 horsepower and 40 lb-ft of torque, providing sufficient power for a middleweight cruiser. The engine has a pleasant sound and the clutch and transmission operate smoothly.

In terms of suspension, the Phantom features non-adjustable 41mm conventional forks and a twin-shock rear suspension with only spring preload adjustment. While basic, the suspension still provides a comfortable ride, although the limited rear suspension travel of 3.5 inches may pose a challenge when encountering bumps or potholes.

The Phantom's design is reminiscent of the Harley-Davidson Sportster, with one of its color options resembling Harley's iconic black/orange/silver paint scheme. It is well-built and manufactured in Honda's Kumamoto plant in Japan, ensuring quality construction.

Riding the Phantom is easy and enjoyable, thanks to its manageable weight of 543 pounds (553 pounds with ABS) and low seat height of 25.6 inches. It offers a well-balanced ride and is easy to maneuver in various riding conditions, including heavy traffic and twisty roads.

The Phantom performs well, with excellent torque for its size and a comfortable cruising speed on the highway. It handles corners with minimal wiggling, but cornering clearance is limited. The brakes perform admirably, and ABS is available as an optional feature for an additional $300.

Overall, the 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom is a fun and attractive cruiser that offers a great riding experience. It combines solid construction, comfortable ergonomics, and surprising performance at an affordable price point. With its stylish design and value for money, it is a motorcycle that riders can be proud to own.

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