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2024 Suzuki GSX250R ABS: Unleashing Performance and Style on Two Wheels

2024 Suzuki GSX250R ABS: Unleashing Performance and Style on Two Wheels

Suzuki Motor USA is excited to announce the launch of its 2024 lineup of motorcycles, featuring refreshed colors and exciting new features. Among the standout models is the 2024 GSX250R ABS, a fully-faired quarter-liter sportbike that offers impressive performance and style.

Sporting an aggressive and flowing design, the GSX250R ABS stays true to Suzuki's renowned sportbike DNA. The 2024 model stands out with its striking two-tone Metallic Diamond Red and Pearl Nebular Black paint scheme, adding a touch of big bike quality to the 250 class. This sportbike is perfect for commuters or new riders seeking a thrilling and efficient ride.

Key Features of the GSX250R ABS:

  1. Responsive and Fuel-Efficient Engine: The GSX250R ABS is equipped with a fuel-injected, twin-cylinder engine that delivers a responsive power band. It offers class-leading fuel economy, with an impressive mileage of approximately 73.6 mpg***. Riders can enjoy both performance and efficiency on every ride.

  2. Modern Lighting: The GSX250R ABS features a reverse-lit LCD instrument panel that provides clear and easy-to-read information. The bike also boasts a bright halogen headlight, distinctive position lamps, and a taillight that utilize surface-emitting LEDs. This combination enhances visibility and gives the bike a sleek and modern look.

  3. Comfortable Ergonomics: Designed with rider and passenger comfort in mind, the GSX250R ABS offers roomy ergonomics. The slim fuel tank allows riders to easily plant their feet on the ground when stopped, providing a confident and stable stance.

  4. High-Quality Components: The GSX250R ABS is equipped with ten-spoke cast aluminum wheels, petal-type brake rotors, and high-quality KYB suspension components. This ensures a smooth and controlled ride, capable of handling any street conditions with ease.

With its impressive features and attention to detail, the 2024 GSX250R ABS is a standout choice for riders who crave a thrilling sportbike experience. Whether commuting through the city or embarking on weekend adventures, this quarter-liter powerhouse offers performance, efficiency, and style in one package.

***Actual fuel economy may vary depending on riding conditions and maintenance.


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