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Benda BD250 Bobber: A Small Yet Stylish Motorcycle from China

Benda BD250 Bobber: A Small Yet Stylish Motorcycle from China

The Benda BD250 Bobber has recently emerged in Chinese type-approval documents, giving us a glimpse of what this small-capacity motorcycle from the emerging Chinese brand has to offer. Benda has been making waves in the motorcycle industry with its unique and unconventional designs, such as the LF-01 concept bike and the LFC700 production model. The BD250 Bobber follows in the footsteps of its predecessors by breaking away from the norm and offering something different.

At first glance, it's clear that the BD250 Bobber is not your typical stripped-back 250cc motorcycle. Its styling is reminiscent of much more expensive, large-capacity bikes, resembling Confederate's G2 P51 Fighter. While it features a V-twin engine and a steel-tube frame, which are characteristic of traditional bobbers, there are several unusual elements that set it apart.

The chassis of the BD250 Bobber adopts a Softail-style design with a triangulated swingarm at the rear. This design mimics the look of a hardtail, but instead of a hidden rear shock, there are visible suspension units mounted to the swingarm via a rising-rate linkage. The front suspension is even more unique, with a girder-style fork appearance that conceals conventional telescopic fork tubes beneath. Benda previously used this design on the Napoleon 500 bobber, but the new BD250 Bobber takes it a step further with additional spring units between the fork stanchions and girder sections.

According to the type-approval documents, the BD250 Bobber is powered by a 249cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine that produces 25.5 horsepower. This output is comparable to the slightly larger engine in the Honda Rebel 300. However, the BD250 Bobber weighs in at 401 pounds, making it heavier than the Rebel's 364 pounds. The Benda features 18-inch rims with a 130/80 front tire and a 160/70 rear, while the Rebel sports 16-inch wheels. The BD250 Bobber also has a longer wheelbase of 60.8 inches compared to the Rebel's 58.7 inches. The bike is equipped with a Benda-branded four-piston radial-mount caliper and the company's own BD01 ABS system.

One of the BD250 Bobber's main advantages over its competitors is likely to be its price. As a Chinese brand, Benda may be able to offer the bike at a more affordable price point compared to established rivals. However, it remains to be seen whether this will be enough to convince buyers to choose the BD250 Bobber over more well-known options. The official entry of Benda into the US market will provide more insight into the brand's potential success.



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