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BMW CE 02: A Cool Urban Mobility Option, But Not for Most Americans

BMW CE 02: A Cool Urban Mobility Option, But Not for Most Americans

The BMW CE 02 is undeniably stylish, with a design that blends elements of motorcycles, scooters, and e-bikes. It features an 11 kW motor, powered by a 48v battery, and delivers up to 40.5 lb-ft of torque through a belt drive. With inverted front forks and beefy tires, it has a strong presence on the road.

During a test ride in Cascais, Portugal, the CE 02 proved to be a capable and fun ride. It offered smooth and linear power delivery, with quick acceleration from 10 to 30 mph and steady power throughout the speed range. The bike has three riding modes, with the optional Flash mode providing maximum throttle response.

Safety features include ABS on the front brake, Automatic Stability Control, and Recuperative Stability Control. The bike's 29.5-inch seat height and adjustable riding position make it comfortable for riders of various sizes. Its weight distribution and wide handlebars contribute to its stability and maneuverability in city traffic.

However, the CE 02 may not be suitable for most Americans due to its limited top speed of 59 mph and estimated battery range of up to 56 miles. Additionally, the starting price of $7,599 may be a deterrent for those considering other options such as motorcycles or higher-performance scooters.

Overall, the BMW CE 02 offers a unique and stylish urban mobility solution, but its limitations and pricing make it more suitable for young riders in European cities than for the majority of American riders.



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