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BMW's Front Collision Warning System: Radar-Based Safety Alerts and Intelligent Response

BMW's Front Collision Warning System: Radar-Based Safety Alerts and Intelligent Response

BMW is gearing up to introduce an innovative front collision warning system on their upcoming BMW R1300GS. This groundbreaking system utilizes a forward-facing radar sensor, similar to the one employed in BMW's Active Cruise Control, to detect potential collisions with vehicles ahead. When activated, the system provides a series of timely alerts to the rider. Initially, a small red car icon appears on the dash as a pre-warning, accompanied by a subtle haptic pulse transmitted through the ABS pump. If the rider fails to respond, a more prominent warning is displayed, followed by the system gently applying the brakes.

It's important to note that the system does not execute emergency stops but rather aims to provide riders with additional reaction time. Deceleration is limited to a moderate level, allowing riders to choose between braking more aggressively or taking evasive action. BMW emphasizes that the ultimate responsibility for accident avoidance remains with the rider.

To ensure the system's effectiveness without causing unnecessary distractions, BMW has implemented a smart "rider attention estimator" feature. This intelligent mechanism monitors the rider's inputs, such as menu navigation and active throttle and gear usage, to gauge their level of attentiveness and adjusts the warning threshold accordingly.

BMW's front collision warning system represents a significant leap forward in motorcycle safety technology, empowering riders with advanced detection and warning capabilities. By alerting riders to potential hazards and providing them with crucial reaction time, BMW continues to prioritize rider safety on the road.

The main features it has:

  • BMW's front collision warning system utilizes a radar sensor to scan the road ahead.
  • The radar sensor monitors distance to traffic and closing speeds.
  • A two-stage warning system is activated if there's a risk of collision.
  • The dashboard displays a pre-warning icon when a hazard is detected.
  • The system delivers two gentle pulses of the brakes to draw the rider's attention.
  • The brakes are not applied forcefully, only providing a physical alert.
  • If there's no response to the pre-warnings, the system can gently apply the brakes to create more time.
  • If the rider chooses to brake harder or opens the throttle, the system adjusts accordingly.
  • The system is optional and can be switched off if desired.
  • The haptic alerts can also be disabled separately.
  • The system includes a rider attention estimator to prevent false warnings.
  • The estimator monitors rider inputs and adjusts the warning threshold accordingly.


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