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Custom Harley-Davidson Breakout "Breakbox 2" Blends Vintage and Modern Styles

Custom Harley-Davidson Breakout "Breakbox 2" Blends Vintage and Modern Styles

Russian custom shop, Box39, has unveiled their latest creation based on the Harley-Davidson Breakout. This customized Softail model seamlessly combines vintage aesthetics with modern features, showcasing the Breakout's versatility as a custom shop favorite.

Box39, known for their wheel-making expertise, focused on the wheels as a standout feature of the build. The in-house crafted wheels measure 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear, with the rear tire boasting an impressive width of 280mm. The intricate design of the spokes adds to the visual appeal of the motorcycle.

The customization extends to the bodywork as well, with white fenders giving the bike a vintage look, while the rest of the build features a sleek black finish. The overall simplicity of the design enhances the classic vibe, creating a unique aesthetic rarely seen on a Breakout.

Although details regarding engine modifications are not provided, it is likely that the bike retains its stock configuration. However, the rear of the bike is supported by a pneumatic suspension system, adding to the ride's comfort and versatility.

Named "Breakbox 2" after its transformation, this custom Harley-Davidson Breakout represents Box39's 2023 build. Further information, including pricing, remains undisclosed at the time of writing. As more details emerge, we will update the story accordingly.


Photo Credit : BOX39|Breakbox2

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