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Ducati Honors Ayrton Senna with Limited Edition Monster Tribute

Ducati Honors Ayrton Senna with Limited Edition Monster Tribute

Ducati has introduced a special tribute edition of their Monster motorcycle in honor of legendary Formula One driver Ayrton Senna. The ‘Monster Senna’ is priced at £23,500 and pays homage to Senna's legacy with its unique design inspired by his iconic racing helmet colors and the Brazilian flag.

Featuring a limited production of 341 units, the Monster Senna is a commemoration of Senna's three Formula One championships in 1988, 1990, and 1991, as well as his 41 F1 wins. Each motorcycle will showcase special Senna branding on the fuel tank and a distinctive color scheme reminiscent of Senna's racing days.

Previously, Ducati honored Senna with special edition superbikes, illustrating the strong bond between the F1 champion and the Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Senna's passion for Ducati is well-documented, with instances of personal gifts and close relationships with Ducati executives.

The unveiling of the Monster Senna at the Imola F1 Grand Prix marked a poignant moment for fans, commemorating the 30th anniversary of Senna's tragic accident at the same circuit. This latest tribute from Ducati blends performance with emotion, combining advanced engineering with a heartfelt nod to a sporting icon.

Each Monster Senna comes equipped with premium features such as Öhlins shocks, Brembo brakes, and distinctive styling elements that capture Senna's spirit on the road. With only a limited number available, the Monster Senna is not just a motorcycle – it's a symbol of racing history and eternal respect for a true legend.

Source: Ducati

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