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Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Street Glide: A Dynamic Duo of Performance and Style

Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Street Glide: A Dynamic Duo of Performance and Style

Harley-Davidson has always been synonymous with powerful motorcycles that offer a unique riding experience. The latest additions to their lineup, the Road Glide and Street Glide, continue this tradition with their combination of performance, comfort, and style. In this article, we will delve into the performance enhancements, technological advancements, and overall riding experience of these iconic bikes.

Performance Upgrades:
Both the Road Glide and Street Glide come equipped with a traditional Harley-Davidson bar-and-shield-branded four-pot Brembo braking system, ensuring reliable stopping power. The linked C-ABS system provides excellent braking performance, with the front tire firmly gripping the asphalt, even under heavy weight. The adjustable ABS settings allow riders to tailor their braking experience to different riding conditions, offering enhanced safety and control.

Technological Advancements:
One notable upgrade in both models is the inclusion of a new touchscreen TFT display on the dash. This high-tech feature adds a touch of modernity to these classic bikes. The stereo system offers FM, DAB, and MP3 playback options, and while Apple CarPlay requires a Bluetooth headset due to licensing restrictions, real-time traffic updates and downloadable mapping make long-distance rides more convenient and enjoyable.

The Mighty Engine:
Powering these two beasts is the new 117ci engine, which boasts several updates from the CVO engine but without the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system. Despite the slightly reduced power output, the engine still delivers an impressive amount of torque throughout the rev range. Riders will appreciate the effortless acceleration and the ability to maintain speed in the hairpin turns. Although there is a subtle difference in throttle response compared to the VVT-equipped engine, it is not a major concern for most riders.

Comfort and Style:
Comfort is a top priority for Harley-Davidson, and the Road Glide and Street Glide deliver in this aspect. The seats have been revised to provide plush support, ensuring a relaxed riding position. The fairings and bodywork have been designed to minimize wind buffeting, and while aftermarket screens can further enhance the riding experience, the existing fairings do a decent job of shielding riders from the elements. Heated grips, although not standard on these models, are highly recommended for touring enthusiasts seeking added warmth during colder rides.

Choosing Between the Road Glide and Street Glide:
The decision between these two models often comes down to personal preferences in terms of styling, riding position, and cost. While both bikes offer exceptional riding dynamics, the Street Glide, with its batwing fairing and more accessible infotainment unit, may be the preferred choice for some riders. Additionally, many consider the Street Glide to be the more visually appealing option, even after the recent updates.

The latest updates to the Road Glide and Street Glide have exceeded expectations, delivering impressive performance, enhanced technology, and unparalleled style. Harley-Davidson has successfully incorporated many of the features found in their top-of-the-line CVO models into these more cost-effective options, making them highly desirable choices for motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether it's the Road Glide's dramatic sharknose fairing or the Street Glide's sleek batwing fairing, riders will find themselves immersed in the Harley-Davidson experience, enjoying the power, comfort, and timeless allure these iconic bikes provide.


Source: Harley-Davidson

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