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Honda's CRF1100L Africa Twin Set to Receive Engine Updates and New Safety Technology

Honda's CRF1100L Africa Twin Set to Receive Engine Updates and New Safety Technology

Honda's African Twin adventure motorcycle has been a fan favorite for years, and it looks like the company is planning to give it some updates soon. Patent filings from Honda suggest that the CRF1100L Africa Twin will be receiving engine updates and new safety technology, bringing it in line with competitors like the Ducati Multistrada V4, Triumph Tiger 1200 GT and Rally Explorer.


The engine updates are expected to include direct injection, which could help the bike meet ever-tightening emissions regulations. Valve overlap has been an issue in the past, with unburnt fuel escaping through the exhaust and reducing the bike's hydrocarbon output. Direct injection can solve this problem by precisely metering and timing fuel injection to avoid overlapping valves and reduce hydrocarbon output. This technology could also help Honda avoid the need for a complex and expensive VVT system, as found on some competitor bikes.


In addition to engine updates, Honda may be adding radar assistance to the Africa Twin, used to govern adaptive cruise control and/or blind-spot detection. With competitors already offering similar safety technology, it would make sense for Honda to add it to the Africa Twin. However, it is still unclear when these updates will be available, and if they will be included in the upcoming 2022 model.


Overall, the updates to the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin will likely improve the bike's rideability, safety, and environmental impact, making it an even more attractive option for adventure riders. With the BMW R 1300 GS also rumored to be receiving radar assistance, it is clear that safety technology is becoming an increasingly important feature in the adventure motorcycle market.



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