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Honda's Iconic 2025 Grom Receives a Fresh Look

Honda's Iconic 2025 Grom Receives a Fresh Look

The Honda Grom has been a beloved mini-motorcycle since its introduction in 2013, and the 2025 model continues to build on its legacy. While the updates are relatively minor, they aim to attract new riders who may have been deterred by the previous model's styling.

The most noticeable changes are to the body panels, including a revised headlight cover, front cowl, side shrouds, fuel tank cover, and side covers. Honda says these updates are intended to create a more streamlined and refined appearance, moving away from the "oversized washers" that called attention to the Grom's easy-to-replace panels.

Beneath the new skin, the 2025 Grom remains largely unchanged, retaining the popular 124cc engine, 31mm inverted fork, and LCD dashboard. However, Honda has expanded its accessory offerings, with new options like a windscreen, hand guards, side bags, and a seat bag, adding a touch of versatility for riders who use the Grom for daily errands.

The Grom's proven formula of manageable power, nimble handling, and approachable size continues to make it a hit with new and experienced riders alike. And while a TFT display would be a welcome addition, the classic LCD unit gets the job done.

For those seeking a bit more excitement, the Grom SP model offers a lower cowl as standard, adding a sportier touch to the mini-moto's package. Overall, the 2025 Honda Grom stays true to its roots while introducing subtle refinements to attract a new generation of riders.


Source: Honda

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