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Montesa Lineup for 2023: Aesthetic Changes and Component Improvements

Montesa Lineup for 2023: Aesthetic Changes and Component Improvements

The main novelties for 2023 in the Montesa lineup focus on aesthetic changes and component improvements. The flagship model, the Cota 301RR, now features a new aesthetic design with options in Fighting Red and Race Replica livery. The design incorporates a reticulated texture in red, blue, and white, giving it a matte effect and adding originality and exclusivity. The tables on the 2024 model have also been improved, finished in titanium gray for lighter and stronger performance.

The Cota 301RR, designed for competition, inherits proven components and technical solutions from Montesa's World Trial Championship bikes. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and swingarm, wavy brake discs, FIM-approved rear unit, lightweight aluminum wheel hubs, and an aluminum silencer for increased resistance and performance.

The Cota 4RT260R, now available in a new red paint job, combines black and gray with a reticulated texture. The design emphasizes the Montesa character and includes updated stickers for frame, exhaust, filter protection, and wheels. The 4RT260R is equipped with high-quality Showa suspension, front and rear.

The 4RIDE, a model intended for trial touring, retains its aesthetic design from the previous year but incorporates improvements such as new handlebars and grips. The significant change is the new R16V front suspension, adjustable in preload and extension.

All Montesa models are exclusively manufactured at Montesa Honda's facilities in Barcelona, ensuring the highest quality standards in production processes.


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