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Peugeot Expands Motorcycle Range with Trademark Filings for PM-02, PM-03, and PM-05

Peugeot Expands Motorcycle Range with Trademark Filings for PM-02, PM-03, and PM-05

Peugeot, the world's oldest motorcycle company, is making a return to "real" motorcycles after a long period of producing scooters. They unveiled the PM-01 in 125cc and 300cc forms in 2022 and have now filed trademark applications for the names PM-02, PM-03, and PM-05, indicating plans to expand their motorcycle range. These new models are expected to be larger-capacity machines, distinguishing them from Peugeot's scooters.

Peugeot's roots date back to the early 1800s, starting as a steel foundry and later expanding into bicycles, cars, and motorcycles. However, Peugeot Motocycles, which is separate from the car brand, was sold to Indian company Mahindra in 2014. In 2019, Mahindra acquired the remaining stake in Peugeot, completely severing ties with the original parent company. In 2023, Mahindra sold a controlling stake to equity firm Mutares, which now controls the brand.

The PM-01 125 was the first motorcycle produced under the new ownership, with the PM-01 300 scheduled for production later this year. Both models feature a distinctive headlight design inspired by Peugeot's mascot, the lion. The PM-01 300 is powered by a 292cc single-cylinder engine from Chinese manufacturer Qianjiang. It shares similarities with Qianjiang's 249cc QJiang Honor 250 cruiser and CFMoto's 300CL-X engine.

While details about the PM-02, PM-03, and PM-05 are still rumors, it is known that the trademark applications were made after Mutares took control of the company, indicating that they are not leftover plans from Mahindra's ownership. Peugeot has also formed a partnership with French EV motorcycle maker DAB Motors, suggesting the possibility of electric motorcycles in their future lineup. This partnership allows Peugeot to leverage DAB Motors' technology for their own electric motorcycles while mass-producing DAB-branded electric motorcycles.

Overall, Peugeot's return to the motorcycle market with the PM-01 and their plans for expanding the range indicate an exciting future for the brand in the motorcycle industry.



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