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Revolutionary Performance: Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle First Ride Review

Revolutionary Performance: Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle First Ride Review

The Arc Vector is a revolutionary electric motorcycle that challenges conventional design and features. With its hub-center steering, 117 hp AC motor, and upcoming head-up display (HUD), it defies expectations and proves to be a remarkable machine. Initially met with skepticism, Arc's order book is now filling up, and the company invited Cycle World to test ride the bike.

Designed by Arc founder and CEO Mark Truman, the Vector made its debut in 2018, impressing the motorcycling community with its hub-center steering and claimed range of 271 miles with a 40-minute recharge time. After facing financial difficulties, the company bounced back and conducted final testing earlier this year.

arc vector motorcycle

The Vector's chassis is a carbon monocoque that houses the battery cells and motor, eliminating the need for a traditional frame. The hub-center steering system separates braking, suspension, and steering forces, allowing for a light front suspension and a steep 20-degree head angle without compromising stability. The bike feels familiar, as the front shock's pivot point allows for slight weight transfer during braking, resembling a conventional telescopic fork.

The bike features carbon fiber front and rear arms, BST wheels, Brembo brakes, keyless ignition, and a digital dash with charging ports. Riding the Vector is a unique experience without gears or significant engine noise. The torque-rich motor delivers instant response, making overtaking effortless. The bike reaches a top speed of 120 mph and accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 3.1 seconds.

The Vector's handling is exceptional, steering faster than any other electric superbike, while remaining stable and planted on the road. The supple front suspension provides excellent feedback, and the rear suspension comes into its own at higher speeds. Braking performance is immense, although it takes some getting used to, especially with minimal engine-braking.

arc vector motorcycle bike

The bike weighs 529 pounds, which is typical for an electric bike with sporting intent. Its weight is well-managed due to the hub-center steering system and the absence of traditional fixtures like radiators and exhausts. The Vector feels lighter than it actually is and turns quickly, requiring recalibration for precise cornering.

Arc plans to offer multiple riding modes and rider aids, including lean-sensitive traction control and ABS. The bike's natural habitat is open, flowing roads where it can display its capabilities fully. Stopping power comes from Brembo Stylema Monoblock calipers, and ABS will be included in customer bikes.

The Arc Vector is priced at £90,000, with bespoke options available, allowing customers to choose colors and specifications. The bike comes with cruise control, and its range can be monitored on the dash, which will be replaced by a head-up display in the future. Arc is also working on the integration of a helmet and jacket that provide feedback and alerts to the rider.

Despite its high price, the Arc Vector proves to be a remarkable motorcycle that works exceptionally well. While it may have a firm suspension and aggressive throttle response, it delivers an exciting and thrilling riding experience. It is a fast electric superbike that pushes the boundaries of design and performance.

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