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Riser App: A New Update for Riders Who Embrace Technology

Riser App: A New Update for Riders Who Embrace Technology

For riders who are open to embracing technology and its benefits, the Riser app offers a new update that enhances their riding experience. The app serves as an all-in-one community platform, connecting riders worldwide and providing the best routes to explore. While there are other similar apps in the market, Riser has gained attention, particularly since being acquired by Cardo, a renowned player in the helmet communication market.

One of the notable changes in the update is the improvement to the navigation system. The free version now includes features such as route planning with waypoints, the ability to skip waypoints, and new roundtrip options. Additionally, users can now easily share their trips across various platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. The update also introduces new local challenges and allows users to load planned routes by scanning a QR code.

Paid subscribers, on the other hand, enjoy even more benefits. They have enhanced usability and functionality to share routes outside of Riser, as well as access to the all-new ReWind feature, which allows them to relive their trips through an interactive 3D map. The Route Planner now includes a 3D mode and an enhanced Supercurvy routing engine, while the unique PackRide feature enables connected riding with improved connectivity. Paid subscribers also have the GPX-Export functionality at their disposal.

While these updates may not be groundbreaking, they offer useful features for riders who rely on their cellphones for navigation. However, the interest of Cardo, a company known for its reliable hardware, in software development raises curiosity. It remains to be seen what Cardo has in store for the future of the app and how it plans to leverage its expertise in the helmet communication market. Nonetheless, the Riser app provides riders with a valuable tool for planning routes and connecting with fellow enthusiasts in the motorcycle community.

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