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Scorpion Introduces the Affordable Exo-930 Evo Modular Helmet: Safety and Comfort on a Budget

Scorpion Introduces the Affordable Exo-930 Evo Modular Helmet: Safety and Comfort on a Budget

Modular helmets offer versatility for both city riding and long-distance touring, providing the convenience of having two helmets in one. Scorpion has recently launched the Exo-930 Evo, a new modular helmet that caters to entry-level riders on a budget while delivering premium features. With a starting price of £150.70 ($192 USD) for plain colors and £164.06 ($209 USD) for the Sikon graphic, this helmet offers impressive value for money.

One of the standout features of the Exo-930 Evo is its dual-homologation, denoted by the P/J marking. This certification ensures that the helmet is safe in both open and closed configurations, meeting the latest ECE 22.06 safety standard. Safety is a top priority, and Scorpion has designed the helmet with rider comfort in mind as well.

The Exo-930 Evo features Kwikfit cheek pads that prioritize rider comfort, particularly during longer rides. These pads have pre-cut channels that accommodate eyewear, ensuring maximum support and comfort. The inner lining, made of Kwikwick II and III materials, enhances comfort and freshness. The Kwikwick III lining is softer, supple, and hypo-allergenic, with moisture-wicking properties.

Equipped with a dual-visor setup, the Exo-930 Evo ensures optimal visibility in various weather conditions. The clear outer visor comes with a Pinlock 70 Maxvision film to prevent fogging, while the interior visor utilizes Scorpion's Speedview technology for all-weather convenience. The inner visor also features an EverClear coating to prevent fog buildup in cold and humid weather.

In terms of technology, the Exo-930 Evo is ready to accommodate Scorpion's Exo-Com system. However, its neutral side profile suggests compatibility with other intercom systems as well. The helmet features a polycarbonate shell, a quick-release micrometric buckle for easy fastening, and comes with a standard five-year warranty, a trademark of Scorpion helmets.

The Scorpion Exo-930 Evo offers an affordable option for riders seeking a reliable and feature-packed modular helmet. With its emphasis on safety, comfort, and convenience, this helmet proves that quality gear doesn't have to break the bank.


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