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Shoei X-SPR Pro: A Race-Focused Helmet That Excels on the Roadacing Gear Experience

Shoei X-SPR Pro: A Race-Focused Helmet That Excels on the Roadacing Gear Experience

The Shoei X-SPR Pro is the manufacturer's top-of-the-line road and race helmet, replacing the well-regarded X-Spirit 3 model. MCN Chief Road Tester Michael Neeves has been putting the X-SPR Pro through its paces for over a year, covering thousands of miles on both the street and the track. In this in-depth review, Neeves shares his experiences and insights on this premium motorcycle helmet.

Comfort and Fit
Straight out of the box, the X-SPR Pro provided a comfortable fit for Neeves, who wears a medium size. The helmet features removable and adjustable cheek and top pads, allowing riders to customize the fit. Neeves also took advantage of Shoei's Personal Fitting Service, which uses a specialized measurement device to optimize the padding placement for a perfect, tailored fit.

The washable interior padding is soft and comfortable, even in hot weather. The extended chin bar helps keep the rider's face cool, though it can create some drafts in colder conditions.

Aerodynamics and Stability
Shoei claims the X-SPR Pro is stable at speeds over 217 mph, and Neeves' experience backs this up. He notes that the helmet "slices so well through the wind and it's so stable you barely know it's on." The aerodynamic shape and rear spoiler contribute to this excellent high-speed stability.

Visor and Ventilation
One of the X-SPR Pro's standout features is its visor, which provides an excellent field of vision in all directions. The visor surface is designed for the use of tear-offs, a common modification for track-focused riders. The visor's locking mechanism can be tricky to operate, but once mastered, it works well to securely hold the visor in place.

Ventilation is a strength of the X-SPR Pro, with three top vents, double chin vents, and rear exhaust vents that work together to keep the rider cool, even in hot conditions.

Noise and Aesthetics
Compared to Neeves' previous Arai RX-7 helmets, the X-SPR Pro is notably quieter, with little wind buffeting. However, it's not as quiet as a more touring-oriented helmet.

The helmet's appearance is a matter of personal preference, with Neeves not being a fan of the "Pac-Man" shaped visor or the "droopy" chin bar. His custom paint job by Rich-Art Concepts, however, gave the helmet a unique and striking look.

Value and Conclusion
At £799.99 for plain colors, the X-SPR Pro is a premium-priced helmet, but it's on par with comparable offerings from Arai and HJC. Neeves concludes that the Shoei matches the quality and performance of its main rivals, with the added confidence of knowing it has protected the likes of Marc Marquez in high-speed crashes.

Overall, the Shoei X-SPR Pro is a race-focused helmet that excels in both on-road and on-track performance, offering excellent comfort, stability, and ventilation for the discerning rider.


Source: Shoei

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