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Suzuki Introduces Eco-Friendly GSX-R1000R for Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Race

Suzuki Introduces Eco-Friendly GSX-R1000R for Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Race

In July, the iconic Suzuka circuit in Japan will be the battleground for the 45th edition of the grueling eight-hour motorcycle endurance race. Among the renowned manufacturers participating, Suzuki will be showcasing a special eco-friendly version of their GSX-R1000R superbike.

While Suzuki has always emphasized the importance of combustion engines in mid to large-displacement motorcycles, they are proving that going green doesn't necessarily mean abandoning traditional power sources.

Suzuki recently unveiled their GSX-R1000R project, which incorporates innovative eco-friendly components for the upcoming race. The aim is to demonstrate that a race bike can still be environmentally conscious.

To combat brake dust emissions, a significant contributor to overall vehicle emissions, the GSX-R1000R is equipped with low-dust brake pads supplied by Sunstar Engineering. Bridgestone provides tires with a high percentage of recycled materials, although specific details were not disclosed. The fenders above each wheel are made from natural flax fiber sourced from Bcomp. The bodywork, sourced from JHI, is composed of recycled carbon materials.

While the engine itself remains unchanged, Suzuki focused on the substances used in the bike's operation. The fuel contains a bio-sourced component, making up 40% of the total fuel volume, courtesy of Elf. The engine also utilizes Motul oil derived from bio-sourced materials. Emission levels are kept in check by a Yoshimura exhaust system equipped with a catalytic converter.

The green GSX-R1000R will be piloted by the Team Suzuki CN Challenge team led by Shinichi Sahara at the Suzuka race. The riders' names have yet to be announced.

If successful, Suzuki plans to further their efforts in creating greener motorcycles without resorting to electric powertrains. They aim to maintain the performance and character of their machines while reducing their environmental impact.

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