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The 2024 Suzuki Boulevard C50: A Classic Middleweight Cruiser with Timeless Appeal

The 2024 Suzuki Boulevard C50: A Classic Middleweight Cruiser with Timeless Appeal

The 2024 Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a classic middleweight cruiser that offers a traditional riding experience with reliability and affordability. Returning to the Boulevard lineup unchanged, the C50 continues to be a stalwart in Suzuki's cruiser range. With its timeless design and old-school features, this bike has been cruising the roads for over 20 years, originally known as the Volusia. The 2024 model retains all the classic elements that have made it a favorite among traditional middleweight cruisers.

The C50 exudes a classic cruiser aesthetic with its kicked-out fork, full fenders, and chromed dual exhausts. The bike features wire-spoked wheels and a low, wide 27.6-inch saddle, providing a comfortable and relaxed riding position. The forward-biased floorboards and wide handlebar add to the cruiser's laid-back feel, while the abundance of chrome accents adds a touch of nostalgia. With its design cues and styling, the C50 is best suited for leisurely cruises through the countryside, rather than aggressive straight-line drag races.

Priced under $10,000, the C50 offers excellent value by providing all the basics needed for an enjoyable ride. Powering the bike is a liquid-cooled 805cc 45-degree V-twin engine, delivering a claimed 53 horsepower and 52 lb.-ft. of torque. The fuel injection system ensures smooth and efficient power delivery, while the five-speed transmission with shaft drive keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum. It's worth noting that the C50 retains a drum brake setup at the rear, which may not provide the same stopping power as modern disc brakes.

For the 2024 model year, the C50 is available in a striking Candy Daring Red paint color, adding a touch of boldness to its classic appeal. The MSRP sees a slight increase, but at $9,199, the price remains highly attractive, especially considering the overall value and reliability that the C50 offers.

In conclusion, the 2024 Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a cruiser motorcycle that embodies the essence of traditional middleweight cruisers. With its classic design, reliable performance, and affordable price, the C50 appeals to riders seeking a timeless cruiser experience. While it may not offer the latest technological features or aggressive performance capabilities, the C50 delivers a comfortable and enjoyable ride that harkens back to the golden era of cruising. Whether you're a seasoned rider looking for a reliable daily commuter or a new enthusiast seeking an approachable entry into the cruiser segment, the Boulevard C50 is a solid choice that delivers on both style and value.


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