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The Fantic Caballero 500 by Deus ex Machina Milan: A Stylish Scrambler with Vintage Appeal

The Fantic Caballero 500 by Deus ex Machina Milan: A Stylish Scrambler with Vintage Appeal

The Fantic Caballero 500 is a motorcycle that seems to fly under the radar despite its upright riding position, scrambler styling, and powerful 449 cc single-cylinder engine. Fantic, an Italian company that began producing motorcycles in 1968, initially gained recognition for its enduros, mini-bikes, and go-karts. The original Caballero, a 50 cc two-stroke enduro bike, featured a vibrant red tank, yellow number boards, and rugged off-road wheels and tires.

When Deus ex Machina Milan got their hands on the new Fantic Caballero 500, they wasted no time infusing it with the iconic styling of the original model. Starting at the front, they replaced the LED headlight with a robust vintage-style headlight and cowling, finished in a striking yellow hue. The front cowl discreetly conceals the Garmin Tread navigation unit, while a new high-mount alloy front fender adds a touch of elegance in grey.

Deus ex Machina Milan took to repainting the stock fuel tank, using the same red as the original Caballero design but adding a bold yellow streak and proudly displaying the Deus logo on the side. To enhance the vintage vibe, the factory seat was replaced with a custom seat, carefully crafted to emulate the style of the original. With its narrow profile and generous padding, it complements the tall, wide handlebars, creating a comfortable and stylish riding experience. Custom rear fenders and tail lights were also fitted, further enhancing the bike's vintage enduro aesthetic.

To give the Fantic Caballero 500 an extra edge, Deus Milan made modifications to the exhaust. While retaining the stock headers, they opted for black heat wrap instead of the carbon fiber heat shield and plastic side cover. Additionally, an SC-Project x Deus muffler was installed, allowing the powerful single-cylinder engine to breathe more freely.

Overall, the team at Deus ex Machina Milan has successfully transformed the new Caballero into a stunning scrambler with 70s-inspired styling. Although the choice between the original Caballero and this modified version may be tough, it's hard to resist the appeal of this daily ride, especially when accompanied by the little 50 cc model for weekend adventures.


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