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The Ninja H2 HySE: Kawasaki Unveils Prototype of World's First Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycle

The Ninja H2 HySE: Kawasaki Unveils Prototype of World's First Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycle

Kawasaki has revealed its prototype for the world's first hydrogen-powered sports bike, the Ninja H2 HySE. The prototype was showcased at Kawasaki's "Group Vision 2030 Business Report Meeting" and marks a significant step in the development of hydrogen-powered motorcycles.

Kawasaki's motorcycle division is aiming for a greener future, with plans to make all motorcycles sold in key markets electric by 2035. As part of its Group Vision 2030 initiative, Kawasaki is focused on providing a safe and secure remotely-connected society, near-future mobility, and energy and environmental solutions.

The Ninja H2 HySE is based on the Ninja H2 SX platform, a high-performance motorcycle known for its supercharged engine. The hydrogen engine being developed in collaboration with Toyota is based on the existing gasoline engine used in the H2 SX. Kawasaki has also used this hydrogen engine in a Teryx KRX 1000 side-by-side vehicle and a HySE-X1 buggy for the Dakar Rally.

The prototype of the Ninja H2 HySE features a unique design, reminiscent of anime aesthetics. It retains the same shape as the Ninja H2 but with different panels. The rear of the bike includes storage compartments disguised as hard panniers, which are actually designed to hold hydrogen canisters.

While further details about the hydrogen motorcycle are yet to be revealed, Kawasaki plans to begin testing the prototype early next year. The company aims to commercialize hydrogen-engine motorcycles by 2030.

In addition to the hydrogen motorcycle, Kawasaki also announced plans to develop a hydrogen engine for use in aircraft. The company intends to take the engine from the Ninja H2, add two cylinders, turbocharge it, and adapt it for aviation use.

While the availability of hydrogen vehicles in the US may be limited, Kawasaki's hydrogen-powered motorcycle is an exciting development in the world of motorcycles. The project is expected to progress over the next few years, and it will be interesting to see how Kawasaki's hydrogen-powered vehicles shape the future of the industry.

Reference: WeBike Japan

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