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Triumph Announces the Farewell of the Café-Racer Inspired Thruxton with the 2025 Final Edition

Triumph Announces the Farewell of the Café-Racer Inspired Thruxton with the 2025 Final Edition

Triumph Motorcycles has recently announced that the iconic café-racer inspired Thruxton model will bid farewell with the release of the 2025 Triumph Thruxton Final Edition. This special edition, based on the top-spec RS version, will serve as a tribute to the beloved model that has captured the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Let's delve into the unique features and specifications that make the Final Edition a fitting send-off for this revered motorcycle.

A Stunning Send-Off:

To commemorate the final chapter of the Thruxton, Triumph has bestowed the Final Edition with a series of distinctive touches that set it apart from its predecessors. The motorcycle will be elegantly adorned with Competition Green metallic paint, paying homage to the classic British racing color that has become synonymous with Triumph's heritage. Furthermore, the fuel tank will feature gold Heritage Triumph logos on each side, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.

Attention to Detail:

The 2025 Triumph Thruxton Final Edition goes beyond aesthetics with its attention to detail. Hand-painted pinstripes grace the fuel tank and seat cowl, with concealed artist initials adding a personal touch. Black side panels will proudly display exclusive Thruxton FE branding, accentuated by a tank-matching green underline that emphasizes the bike's Final Edition status.

A Certificate of Authenticity:

Owners of the Final Edition will receive a certificate of authenticity, a testament to the bike's limited production run and special significance. This certificate bears the motorcycle's unique VIN number and is signed by Triumph CEO Nick Bloor and members of the Thruxton 1200 design team, making it a cherished piece for enthusiasts and collectors.

An Emblem of Pride:

In addition to the certificate, owners will receive a 2025 Triumph Thruxton Final Edition engine badge. Crafted with a gold finish and featuring the Final Edition graphic, this stand-alone piece can be proudly displayed in one's den or library, serving as a constant reminder of the Thruxton's legacy.

Optional Cockpit Fairing:

Triumph understands the desire for customization and offers an optional color-matched cockpit fairing as a Final Edition-specific accessory. This fairing, painted in the Competition Green metallic color, seamlessly integrates with the bike's design, enhancing both its aesthetics and aerodynamics.

Uncompromised Performance:

While the 2025 Triumph Thruxton Final Edition is a tribute to the end of an era, it does not compromise on performance. The motorcycle inherits the high-end features of the top-spec RS model, including fully adjustable Öhlins piggyback-reservoir shocks, a Showa Big Piston fork assembly, 32-spoke wheels with aluminum rims, and Metzeler Racetec RR tires. The Brembo M50 monoblock front brake calipers ensure exceptional stopping power. The Final Edition is powered by the High Power Bonneville 1200 vertical twin motor, delivering an impressive 103 horsepower at 7500 rpm.


The arrival of the 2025 Triumph Thruxton Final Edition marks the end of an era for the beloved café-racer inspired model. Triumph has meticulously crafted this special edition to pay tribute to the motorcycle's rich legacy. With its unique design elements, attention to detail, and performance capabilities, the Final Edition stands as a testament to the Thruxton's lasting impact on the motorcycle industry. Motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors alike eagerly await its arrival in Spring 2024, with the Final Edition priced at an MSRP of $17,995.

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