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Triumph Bonneville Bobber: A Retro Bob-Job with Modern Features

Triumph Bonneville Bobber: A Retro Bob-Job with Modern Features

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is an iconic motorcycle that combines retro styling with modern features. With its powerful 1,200 cc parallel twin engine and unique design, this bike stands out from the rest of the Bonneville lineup.

The Bonneville Bobber features a distinct silhouette, with a fabricated monoshock unit replacing the traditional twin-shock swingarm found on other Bonneville models. This design choice allows for a seamless frame line from front to rear, accentuated by the slim single seat floating above a Wassel-style fender. The bike retains the T120's multipoint sequential injection system, with slight modifications to accommodate the new frame. It also boasts dual slash-cut exhausts and chunky 16-inch wheels, giving it a rugged and muscular appearance. The foot controls are moved further forward, enhancing the bike's riding position.

Despite its retro aesthetics, the Bonneville Bobber incorporates modern technology. It features switchable riding modes, traction control, ABS, cruise control, and an immobilizer as standard. The low-rise bars and standard instrumentation add to the bike's classic appeal. The seat height is adjustable, ranging from 27.2 to 27.6 inches, catering to different rider preferences.

The Bonneville Bobber is available in four eye-catching color options, all of which feature a generous use of matte black in the details. This adds to the bike's overall vintage charm while maintaining a contemporary edge.

In conclusion, the Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a true bob-job motorcycle that pays homage to its retro roots while incorporating modern technology and design elements. With its powerful engine, unique silhouette, and advanced features, it offers a one-of-a-kind riding experience for enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of old and new.

Source: Triumph

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