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Yamaha's Thrilling Africa Eco Race Adventure: The Great Adventure Documentary Coming to Amazon Prime

Yamaha's Thrilling Africa Eco Race Adventure: The Great Adventure Documentary Coming to Amazon Prime


Yamaha's thrilling adventure in the 2022 Africa Eco Race is set to be showcased in a documentary titled "The Great Adventure," soon to be released on Amazon Prime. The race followed a challenging route mirroring the original Paris-Dakar rally, encompassing 12 stages spanning 6,000km from Paris to Dakar, passing through Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal.

Using production-based Yamaha Tenere 700 World Raid motorcycles, riders Joan Pedrero Tarres and Alessandro Botturi secured an impressive 1-2 finish in their class. Botturi faced a daunting challenge during the eighth stage when he got stuck in the Moroccan desert for a grueling 24 hours but managed to persevere and achieve a remarkable result.

Paolo Pavesio, Director of Marketing and Motorsport at Yamaha Motor Europe, emphasized that racing represents more than just winning for Yamaha. It embodies pushing one's limits, teamwork, and the spirit of adventure. The Africa Eco Race allowed Yamaha to reconnect with the Ténéré's North African roots and raise awareness for Riders for Health, an organization dedicated to providing aid to remote African areas accessible only by motorcycles.

Yamaha's partnership with Riders for Health played a significant role in their decision to participate in the Africa Eco Race, and they continue to collaborate with the charity. As part of their efforts, a prize auction is being held, offering the winner an opportunity to experience the conclusion of this year's Africa Eco Race, including flights, hotel accommodation, and a chance to meet the Ténéré World Raid Team during the podium ceremony at the renowned Lac Rose.

The release date for "The Great Adventure" on Amazon Prime has yet to be announced, but it promises to provide an exciting glimpse into Yamaha's remarkable journey in the Africa Eco Race and their commitment to adventure, teamwork, and making a positive impact in Africa.


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