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Cardo Packtalk Edge vs Freecom 4x: Which suits you?

Cardo Packtalk Edge vs Freecom 4x: Which suits you?

The following article is based on information provided by the YouTube Channel "Man Cave Moto" in their video review. They discuss Cardo's communication devices, the Freecom4 and the Pack Talk Edge. The video highlights the features, benefits, and differences between the two devices.

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According to the video, the PackTalk Edge is more expensive but offers Bluetooth and mesh connection, allowing for seamless communication between riders. Both devices are easy to fit and can be connected to existing speakers. They are also waterproof, ensuring durability in various weather conditions. The battery life of these devices is excellent, and the voice command functionality works well. The video also mentions that the sound quality is impressive, thanks to the JBL speakers used in these devices.

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In terms of choosing between the Freecom 4x and the PackTalk Edge, the video suggests considering the importance of mesh connection and the number of riders one wants to connect with. If riding solo or connecting with a pillion passenger is the primary requirement, the Freecom4x is a suitable choice. However, for those who frequently ride in groups and prioritize uninterrupted communication, the PackTalk Edge with its mesh connection and ability to connect with up to 15 riders is the better option.

Do you want to know more details? Click the video and watch more.

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