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Cardo's Packtalk Bold vs. Packtalk EDGE: A Comparison of Motorcycle Communication Devices

Cardo's Packtalk Bold vs. Packtalk EDGE: A Comparison of Motorcycle Communication Devices

According to information provided on Cardo's official website, the Packtalk Bold and the newer Packtalk EDGE are two motorcycle communication devices that offer hands-free communication while riding. The Packtalk EDGE is an upgraded version with new features designed to enhance the user experience on the road.

Both the Packtalk Bold and EDGE share several similarities. They both utilize wireless Bluetooth technology, allowing for seamless synchronization with your phone. This enables access to your mobile device without distracting from the road. Voice commands, such as saying "Hey, Cardo," can be used to perform various actions. Both devices provide access to the Cardo mobile app and can connect with up to 15 riders simultaneously. Additionally, they feature 40mm speakers from JBL, renowned for their high-quality sound.

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Automatic sound control, approximately 13 hours of battery life, built-in FM radio, and audio sharing are other shared features of the Packtalk Bold and EDGE. Furthermore, both devices are compatible with all types of helmets.

While the Packtalk EDGE is an improvement on the Bold, there are some notable differences. The Bold offers a maximum volume approximately 30% louder than the EDGE, which can be advantageous when riding at higher speeds. The EDGE utilizes Bluetooth 5.2, providing faster data transmission (up to 2 Mbps) and improved energy efficiency compared to the Bold's Bluetooth 4.1. Internet updates can be directly installed on the EDGE device via the app, eliminating the need for connecting to a computer. Battery status notifications differ between the two devices, with the Bold indicating "Power Off" when the battery is depleted, while the EDGE provides the remaining battery percentage and prompts for recharge. The EDGE also features a magnetic mount for easier attachment to helmets, whereas the Bold requires a slightly more manual orientation using a clamp.

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When choosing between the Packtalk Bold and EDGE, factors to consider include the need for louder volume at high speeds, the convenience of Bluetooth 5.2, preference for internet updates, battery status notifications, and the ease of attachment with the magnetic mount. Additionally, users who frequently switch between helmets may find the Packtalk EDGE more convenient. It is worth noting that the Packtalk EDGE may come at a slightly higher price than the Bold.

For more information or to place an order, please refer to Cardo's official website.

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