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Hero MotoCorp and Zero Motorcycles Collaborate to Develop New Electric Motorcycle Platform

Hero MotoCorp and Zero Motorcycles Collaborate to Develop New Electric Motorcycle Platform

Hero MotoCorp and Zero Motorcycles have joined forces to develop a new electric platform, according to investor reports. The partnership aims to create at least four different motorcycle models using this platform. The collaboration will be executed in two phases, with the initial phase focusing on the release of two high-performance models with different body styles. The second phase will introduce mid-tier electric motorcycles, catering to beginner riders with a more accessible price point.

Hero MotoCorp already has experience in the electric sector with its sub-brand Vida. The collaboration with Zero Motorcycles is expected to combine similar technology and performance found in Zero's bikes with a more affordable price range. The development of this new platform began with Hero securing a $60 million investment in March 2023.

It is important to note that the term "high-performance" in the Indian market differs from that in the US and Europe. In India, motorcycles with engines larger than 200cc and outputs exceeding 25 horsepower are considered high-performance, while they would be considered beginner-friendly in the US. Despite this, the partnership between Hero and Zero is an exciting prospect for the Indian market.

Hero MotoCorp has ambitious plans to expand its electric offerings beyond its current Vida V1 scooter. The company's presentation indicates a range of models to be launched, including mid-tier, mid-premium, and premium and high-performance models. The development will begin with an electric mini-bike in the mid-tier segment, followed by off-road and street-focused models in the performance and premium segments.

When Hero's electric models enter the market, they will likely face competition from bikes such as the Ultraviolette F77, a popular electric motorcycle in India. Despite its modest power output of 36 horsepower, the F77 is considered a performance-oriented machine. Although an exact launch date for the collaborative platform has not been announced, it is speculated that the initial models will be unveiled in 2025, with subsequent models following in 2026 and beyond. This collaboration between Hero MotoCorp and Zero Motorcycles is an exciting development in the growing electric motorcycle industry and demonstrates the commitment of both companies to the future of electric mobility.



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