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Introducing the Krämer GP2 890 RR: The Ultimate Track Dominator

Introducing the Krämer GP2 890 RR: The Ultimate Track Dominator

The Krämer GP2 890 RR is a limited edition motorcycle that is built for one purpose: to dominate the racetrack. With only 125 units available worldwide, this highly sought-after machine is designed to deliver incredibly quick lap times while still being practical for everyday use. Priced at $39,995, the GP2 890 RR is not your average mass-produced motorcycle.

Underneath its sleek and aggressive appearance lies a beastly powertrain. The GP2 890 RR is powered by a heavily modified KTM 890 Duke engine, producing an impressive 138 horsepower. The engine features titanium conrods, larger throttle bodies, and higher compression forged pistons, ensuring optimal power delivery and performance on the track.

But power is not the only thing that sets the GP2 890 RR apart. It is incredibly light and nimble, weighing in at just 313 pounds. This lightweight design, coupled with fully adjustable suspension and high-performance Brembo brakes, allows for exceptional handling and precise control on the racetrack.

The advanced electronics of the GP2 890 RR take its performance to the next level. Equipped with the Mectronik MKE7 ECU with a six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit, this motorcycle offers features like lean-angle sensitive traction control and wheelie control. These features ensure that the rider can push the limits of the bike while maintaining stability and control.

The aerodynamic efficiency of the GP2 890 RR has been greatly improved with redesigned bodywork. This not only enhances its aggressive appearance but also increases its top speed. The fuel tank is integrated into the subframe and seat unit, providing better weight distribution and further enhancing the bike's handling.

In conclusion, the Krämer GP2 890 RR is a track-focused motorcycle that combines exceptional performance with practicality. Its limited production, advanced features, and impressive powertrain make it a highly desirable machine for motorcycle enthusiasts who crave speed and precision on the racetrack. If you're looking for the ultimate track dominator, look no further than the Krämer GP2 890 RR.



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