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LiveWire S2 Mulholland: A Unique Electric Performance Cruiser with Sustainable Features

LiveWire S2 Mulholland: A Unique Electric Performance Cruiser with Sustainable Features

LiveWire, the all-electric brand from Harley-Davidson, has finally introduced a cruiser model to its lineup with the new LiveWire S2 Mulholland. Priced at $15,999, the S2 Mulholland is an electric performance cruiser that features a laid-back, cruiser-inspired design.

The S2 Mulholland is built on LiveWire's S2 platform and comes with longer forks in the front, reduced rear shock travel, and a 19-inch front/17-inch rear wheel combination. It features Hitachi suspension components with full adjustability and ample travel. The bike is equipped with Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart IV tires, offering a claimed lean angle of 55 degrees on the left and 50 degrees on the right.

The riding position of the S2 Mulholland is relaxed, with raised handlebars and a comfortable seat height of 30.25 inches. The bike's design incorporates club-style performance cruiser elements, including muscular bar risers, low-rise handlebars, and a tucked headlight borrowed from the flagship LiveWire One.

While the front and rear of the bike have received praise for their design, the middle section falls short. LiveWire has reimagined the profile of the motorcycle, resulting in a small hump that connects the seat and battery casing to the steering neck. However, this leaves the seat looking awkward and out of place.

The S2 Mulholland is LiveWire's first motorcycle to incorporate sustainable materials in its construction. The fenders are made from a hemp bio-composite material, while the radiator shrouds and wiring caddies are made from recycled Hylon material. The seat cover is made from a petroleum-free and recyclable silicon.

Performance-wise, the S2 Mulholland offers similar power and torque figures as the S2 Del Mar, but with a slightly higher range. It has an 84 horsepower motor and 194 fl-lb of torque, with a zero to sixty time of 3.3 seconds and a maximum range of 121 miles in the city.

The S2 Mulholland is available now in North America, with international availability coming next year. While it may not fully embody the concept of a cruiser, its unique design and sustainable materials may attract riders looking for an electric performance option.



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