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Royal Enfield Himalayan 450: The Upgraded Adventure Touring Motorcycle

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450: The Upgraded Adventure Touring Motorcycle

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 has made significant improvements over its predecessor, making it a worthy option for adventure touring enthusiasts. One of the notable upgrades is the Sherpa 450 engine, which offers almost 50% more power than the previous model. The 452cc water-cooled engine delivers 39.48 hp at 8,000 rpm, providing more power for overtaking and off-road maneuvering. Torque has also increased from 32Nm to 40Nm.

The new Himalayan 450 features a six-speed gearbox, adding an extra gear compared to the previous model. This allows for more comfortable cruising at high speeds. The new engine is also approximately 10 kg lighter than its predecessor, despite the addition of water cooling and a larger generator.

The bike's weight distribution and poise contribute to its improved handling. The weight has been effectively distributed, making the 450 feel significantly lighter than the old machine. The seat height has been increased slightly but is still accessible for riders of different heights. There is also a low-seat option available for those who prefer a lower seat height.

The brakes on the Himalayan 450 are up to the task, with plenty of feel and ample power. The bike retains its comfort, and the adjustable seat adds to the overall comfort level. The dash is simple and easy to read, providing all the necessary information. It can also be connected to a phone via the RE app for turn-by-turn directions.

The lighting is a full-LED setup, and the bike is equipped with a powerful generator to support additional electronic accessories. The CEAT tires on the 450 perform well both on and off-road, providing good grip and stability.

Overall, the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 retains the charm of its predecessor while offering more power, improved handling, and better features. It is a reliable and capable option for adventure touring, making it a great choice for riders who want a versatile and affordable motorcycle.


Source: Royal Enfield

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