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Suzuki GSX-8R: The Versatile Middleweight Sportbike

Suzuki GSX-8R: The Versatile Middleweight Sportbike

The 2024 Suzuki GSX-8R stands out in this middleweight sportbike comparison as the most well-rounded and versatile machine of the trio. Powered by a 776cc parallel-twin engine, the GSX-8R produces a healthy 72.7 hp and 51.7 lb-ft of torque, placing it right in the middle in terms of outright power but delivering the most generous torque curve.

This flexible engine character makes the GSX-8R an excellent choice for both around-town riding and spirited canyon carving. As our test team noted, "The parallel twin isn't a high-horsepower weapon, but it's exactly what you want and need from a street-first sportbike. The abundance of torque right off idle makes this a great engine for around-town riding."

The GSX-8R's chassis also strikes a nice balance, with a planted and confidence-inspiring demeanor on twisty roads without sacrificing too much agility. Its 57.7-inch wheelbase and relaxed geometry provide stability, while the well-calibrated Showa suspension keeps the bike composed even when ridden hard. Braking performance is also strong, with Nissin radial-mount calipers offering excellent power and feel.

Complementing the capable mechanical package is Suzuki's Intelligent Ride System, which includes selectable ride modes, traction control, and a bi-directional quickshifter - features typically found on more premium sportbikes. Factor in the GSX-8R's attractive $9,439 price tag, and it emerges as the most well-rounded and versatile option in this middleweight sportbike comparison.


Source: Suzuki GSX 8R

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