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Triumph Daytona 660: The Smooth Operator

Triumph Daytona 660: The Smooth Operator

The 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 brings a unique character to this middleweight sportbike comparison, with its 660cc inline-triple engine delivering the highest peak power output of the group at 85 hp. However, the Daytona's performance story is more nuanced than just raw horsepower.

On the road, the Daytona 660's engine impresses with its smooth, linear power delivery and distinctive triple-cylinder soundtrack. As our test team noted, "The engine is incredibly smooth, with a beautiful blend of midrange torque and top-end performance. The billiard table-smooth torque curve and unique sound help the Daytona 660 stand out from the competition."

Where the Daytona 660 falls short is in its chassis performance. Despite its sporty styling and 56.1-inch wheelbase, the bike's suspension tuning is ill-suited for aggressive riding. As one tester remarked, "The constant pitching robs you of confidence when riding in the canyons and, quite frankly, sucks all the fun out of riding the Daytona in a spirited way."

The Daytona 660's electronics package, including selectable ride modes and traction control, help compensate for the chassis shortcomings to some degree. And its $9,195 price tag positions it competitively against the other bikes in this test.

Ultimately, the Triumph Daytona 660 is best suited for riders seeking a smooth, refined middleweight sportbike for street use, rather than those looking to extract maximum performance on twisty roads.


Source: Triumph Daytona 660

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